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Besides providing a high level of customer service, below are other services Titan Packaging provides.


Product Design

Do you have an idea, but not sure how to proceed?  Titan Packaging has experienced designers that will help make your dream a reality.  Whether your project is in the initial conception or ready to ready to take to market and anything in between, our designers will work with you every step of the way. 

Armed with a deep understanding of consumer insight and research, we are confident that we can create a design that is structurally sound, brilliantly designed, and will assure your product reaches the final destination without damage, and ultimately sell!

Prototypes are provided for final approval.

Graphic Design.png

Graphic Design

Titan Packaging’s passion for exceeding customer expectations extends into graphic design as well. Our graphic design team can help you tell your brand’s story to your customer. With the knowledge and expertise to design your graphics to capture the attention of your audience, we are certain that our formula for effective designs is the key to winning on the shelf.

Our designers specialize in clean, sharp graphics that grab consumers’ attention and make your product jump of the shelves. We pride ourselves on maximizing your visual impact while also strengthening your appeal to your target customers. As a result of the entire manufacturing process being conducted in-house, we can produce your products for a fraction of the cost compared to other companies.

Assembly Inst.png

Assembly Instructions

Are you tired of your retail packaging not being setup at the store level?  We can provide detailed, easy to follow setup instructions for the stockperson. 

Maybe you are looking for instructions for your manufacturing team to package the items correctly on the production line. 


We can help with production assembly instructions.

Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara

Custom Inventory Management

Folding Cartons & Corrugated Packaging

One of the many advantages of being a single-source solution for printing and packaging services is our ability to reduce your overall cost. And one of the ways we do this is through our “Just In Time” Inventory Control and Warehousing system. It not only allows us to schedule and ship your orders in the shortest time frame possible, but also to temporarily store additional packaging – freeing up your valuable warehouse space for your own products. 

 Paying only for the product when its delivered frees up cash flow for other important expenses. This service is just another example of our passion for going the extra mile and exceeding customer expectations wherever possible.

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