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Poly Bags

Custom packaging from concept to customer.

We provide custom printed bags, film and tubing, with print jobs ranging from single color suffocation warnings and recycle symbols to two-sided printing of complex multi-color images with bar codes. We offer Random Repeat as well as Registered printing.

What is Random Repeat Printing?

Random Repeat printing repeats an image or block of text a specific distance apart. The images may land on perforations resulting in the top of an image on one side of a perforation and the bottom on the next. We guarantee at least one full image per bag.

What is Registered Printing?

Registered printing refers to the defined placement of an image and/or text on a bag. Artwork prints where you want it on each bag in the same location. Artwork can be single or multi-color including PMS spot or CMYK process colors for photographic-quality images. Registered Printing can include both sides of a bag and even a bottom gusset.

Poly Bag Blue - Main.jpeg

Custom Bags

Custom Print.jpg

We pride ourselves on our creativity and ingenuity in designing the right bag for your needs and requirements.


Custom LD and LLD polyethylene bags, tubing and sheeting from 4” to 150” in gauges of 0.75–8 mil. You can choose from 14 stock colors, 4 venting styles and a host of performance additives.

Stock Bags

Stock Bags.jpg

Contact us for your immediate needs and together we can determine which stock bag will work best for you!

  • Avoid stock-out situations.

  • Bags delivered within 24-48 hours.

  • Numerous Layflat & Gusseted sizes and thicknesses available.

Armor VCI

Armor VCI 1.jpg

ARMOR VCI NanotechnologyTM is clean and safe and works faster and longer than other solutions.  ARMOR VCI self-adjusts to the environment (temperature & humidity), replenishes inside the contained package, and does not alter any important metal properties.


ARMOR VCI products available

Poly Bags, Zip Top Bags, Sheeting, Tubing, Stretch Film, Shrink Film, Foundry Film

Why Titan Packaging?

Titan Packaging offers a full line of custom packaging products, including corrugated shipping containers and merchandising displays, folding cartons, poly bags and stretch film, protective packaging including foam and partitions, and printed tape. We will listen to your needs and expectations, then together, we will determine the correct packaging solution that will provide superior market appeal while maximizing your return on investment.

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