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Printed Merchandising Tape

Custom packaging from concept to customer.

Proper packaging ensures the safety of products in transit. Titan Packaging, LLC has a variety of carton sealing tape for diverse applications. Let us help you select the right tape for your packages and the package contents.

Customers can be confident their packages are sealed tightly and securely and confident you are getting a fair price and quick turn-around time.Below is a diagram of a partition strips that would form a 10-cell partition with air cells when assembled.


Water Activated Reinforced Tape

  • Available in 3 grades of strength in natural or white.

  • Activated with water to create a tight, aggressive seal.

  • Forms a permanent bond with the carton.

  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions.

  • Easily customized with a company name, logo, or message.

  • Available in a variety of custom sizes.

Pressure Sensitive Tape

Pressure Sensitive.png
  • Available in clear, tan, white, and custom colors.

  • Easy, quick application with light pressure.

  • Flexible enough to conform to a variety of carton surfaces.

  • Versatile, low-cost adhesive.

  • Easily customized with a company name, logo, or message.

  • Available in a variety of custom sizes.

Professionally Printed

Professionally Printed.png

Using a narrow-web, 3-color printing presses offer the quality, flexibility, and diversity that customers rely on for custom-printed tape.  Our team is committed to creating a strong visual image on every roll of tape we produce. Our tape is designed to build the professional image of your brand every time someone opens your package.

Why Titan Packaging?

Titan Packaging offers a full line of custom packaging products, including corrugated shipping containers and merchandising displays, folding cartons, poly bags and stretch film, protective packaging including foam and partitions, and printed tape. We will listen to your needs and expectations, then together, we will determine the correct packaging solution that will provide superior market appeal while maximizing your return on investment.

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