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Protective Inner Packaging


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Why Titan Packaging?

Titan Packaging offers a full line of custom packaging products, including corrugated shipping containers and merchandising displays, folding cartons, poly bags and stretch film, protective packaging including foam and partitions, and printed tape. We will listen to your needs and expectations, then together, we will determine the correct packaging solution that will provide superior market appeal while maximizing your return on investment.


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Regular pads, scored pads, and slotted pads are available in all sizes, board grades, and quantities.


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Partitions are two sets of fiberboard or corrugated strips which are cut, slotted and assembled to form a pattern of cells. Partition cells are sized to provide the highest protection of your product or if items are not fragile, we can recommend a cell size that can used for multiple items.  Partitions can be designed to fit current box sizes or custom designed and we will provide a recommended box size. Available either pre-assembled or unassembled.

Cell sizes range from 1/4" to 60" in length and width with height from 5/8" to 24".

  • All partitions are custom made without die charges to our customers.

  • Partitions are sets of fiberboard or corrugated strips which are cut, slotted to form a number of cells.

  • The cell size is measured from the center of one slot to the center of the next slot.

  • Air cells are end cells which do not hold product but are used primarily to form a protective cushion between the inner wall of a carton and the part that is protected in the cell.

  • Air cells can also be used to take up space between a cell and a stock box or a carton in current use.

  • Below is a diagram of a partition strips that would form a 10-cell partition with air cells when assembled.



Custom foam packaging solutions are protecting products and components for medical and healthcare, industrial, electronics, consumer products, appliances, and many other industries.

From small items like electronic circuit boards, to large appliances and equipment – simple to complex foam protection – protective packaging foam solutions from Titan Packaging protect a broad spectrum of products, including protective packaging requiring anti-static / ESD protective packaging foam solutions, and corrugated shipping boxes.

Let us know what you need to package, and our experienced protective packaging foam specialists will engineer a solution to ensure the optimal and most cost-effective protective foam packaging solution. Samples provided.

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